What is this product about?

Floral Zebra is an audience interaction tool, which turns passive listeners into active participants.

For whom is this product?

Floral Zebra was designed for meeting organizers and event/conference moderators to engage with their audience.

How does this product work?

Imagine you are in the Clubhouse room with 100+ participants or a Zoom meeting with 10 people. Many of them want to ask a question, comment, or express some ideas. How can moderators decide whom to give a voice to? Floral Zebra determines by a voting system the most desired questions or ideas by the whole audience. No more boring meetings and disengaged audiences.

How can I create a new event?

At the homepage, there is a button to “Create event” on the right upper corner. Just provide the necessary information and a passcode will be created for your event. You can check if everything is correct by putting the passcode on the homepage in the appropriate bar. Now, you are ready to share the passcode with your audience. You can provide the passcode even before the event, to give them time to express their thoughts so at the beginning of your event you will already have insights from your participants.

How can participants share their questions?

When you provide them the passcode of the event, they will enter www.floralzebra.com, put the passcode, and enter your event’s room. They can ask questions, comment, or share any ideas. They can vote for others’ questions and comments so event moderators can easily identify the most interesting topics for the whole audience.

Can I ask my question anonymously?

Yes, you can!

Is this product FREE?

Yes, it is free both for event creators and participants.

Why Floral Zebra?

We bring color to monotonous black and white events with lively engagement.

What the numbers on the Homepage are for?

The numbers show the information of total created events, comments and upvotes with real-time updates.

What other features are coming?

We are working on more features, like polling, quizzes, ice breaker games, etc. to make your events or meetings engaging and effective.

I have an idea or a question for you, how can I share it?

Great! Just drop your idea/question in our Contact section on the homepage or write directly to make@floralzebra.com